Donald Trump sweeps 5 GOP primaries

Donald Trump went five-for-five in sweeping a set of northeastern primaries Tuesday and declared himself the “presumptive” Republican nominee for president in the face of allied opposition from rivals Ted Cruz and John Kasich.

“As far as I’m concerned, it’s over,” Trump said in claiming easy victories in Pennsylvania, Maryland, Connecticut, Rhode Island, and Delaware. He said, “this is a far bigger win than we even expected — all five.”

Citing a large number of delegates and votes in the face of Republican establishment opposition, the maverick businessman said “the best way to beat the system” is to have evenings like this.

Cruz and Kasich, who have formed a loose alliance to try to block Trump in some future contests, are hoping to pick up some delegates after Tuesday’s primaries, but their totals will likely be minimal in the wake of Trump’s landslide wins.

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